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new banner and icon =]

2008-05-19 17:58:58 by king7272777

thread =]

new banner and icon =]


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2008-05-19 18:36:46

Ummm. Its very classic. In fact its very good!


2008-05-24 16:48:16

Its ok But the anatomy of the thighs are a bit weird.

king7272777 responds:

i know yeah i just started not have my people just stand strate up and arms by there sides.


2008-06-02 21:01:46

Naruto is a terrible show and if i could blamz it from tv I would. Other than that you know what I would say about this picture.

king7272777 responds:

lol yeah...its not naruto though its gunezzue but i do whatch naruto this is my guy...yeah its not to good of a show i like the books...yeah the animy is bad =/