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goest! ill respell it later -_- its ghost XD

2008-06-18 16:48:39 by king7272777

XD i made this gif today =] you know where my thread is...

goest! ill respell it later -_-    its ghost XD


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2008-06-18 16:58:52

ghost is spelled... well its the first worded i typed so just look < over there.

king7272777 responds:

i see thank you lol i was thinking goghst then i thought ill just put goest and respell later lolz i was am ezosted and not the best speller.


2008-06-18 17:02:16

leave him alone troll.


2008-06-18 17:15:27

to guy ^ there
u can shut the hell up u fuckin ass whipe i waz just helpin i dident mean it in a motherfuckin god damnit bad way u bastard!!! now leave me the fuck alone!!!


2008-06-25 02:53:55

yo king /wave