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think think

2008-07-05 21:10:32 by king7272777

im think of art to make

think think


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2008-07-05 21:11:45

I didn't know that grammar is such a hard subject for you.

king7272777 responds:

i thought i spelled think right.


2008-07-05 21:12:29

Sadly i couldn't tell if you were male or female until I checked your gender...You are obviously a FUCKING FAG NOW GTFO

king7272777 responds:

suck my dick i have one un like you


2008-07-05 21:57:30

Wow, what an asshole ^^^^^^ damn never knew anyone can be such a jerk, why dont you pick on someone your own size Matt475?

Back to the subject: You look like you are from the 70's. Is that what you wanted it to look like?

king7272777 responds:

i allways look like that lol , and i get ask stuf like if im a boy ore a girl alot and called gay cuz i have long hair and try and not fit into a sterio tipe.


2008-10-31 23:17:42

where are you from? long hair where i am is socially acceptable and all the girls like to touch it for some reason but then again i live in a place with lots of gays and other un "normal" people